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“It is a privilege to meet you here and we thank you for wanting to know us better. You’re invited to click around and stay awhile and explore all we have to offer and then, when you’re ready, contact us to schedule your free, private consultation and credit report analysis.  I personally guarantee;

“Things only get better from here.”

Thomas White, President

We can help you clean up your credit report, improve your FICO Score and achieve your goals!

Our goal is to become the most trusted and respected Credit Service Organizations in the Nation. For this to happen, we must be committed to some fundamental principles. First, share in the common goal of: GETTING GREAT RESULTS!! Second, to deliver on our promises and commitments. Therefore, you will not pay for simple promises but only for POSITIVE RESULTS! And, we utilize advanced technology that analyzes your entire credit report to guarantee that the correct action is taken the first time!



Can my credit be repaired?


“Bad” credit and poor credit scores isn’t always your fault – But you’re certainly paying the high cost for it!  Not only will we help you deal with those “self-imposed” issues, but, exercising your legal rights to hold data furnishers and credit reporting agencies accountable for their oftentimes BLATANT mistakes will also yield amazing results!  Plus, with our CREDITBuild™ and Identity Theft Protection Plans working for you, your long-term credit and identity are kept strong, safe and secure!

Can my FICO be increased?


FICO scores range from 350 to 850!  So, regardless where your score is in between, there’s room for positive growth!  Our DVNS/BD&I system ensures your file is accurate and up-to-date, causing negative, inaccurate, erroneous and false account information to be removed!

And when you consider the full range of services we offer such as rapid re-score*, CREDITBuild™ and the Identity Theft Protection Plan*, you’ve got yourself an amazing set of powerful and dependable solutions to raise and protect your credit scores!

Can you help me?


Credit restoration is not only our area of expertise, it’s our passion!  And if there is anything you need in a time like now, it is a passionate and knowledgeable team of consumer advocates that WILL NOT QUIT! Our system can provide you with your initial results within 6 to 8 weeks!

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*Rapid Re-Score and Identity Theft Plans are independent services that can be added to any DVNS/BD&I Plan for an additional cost.

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