Services We Offer:

Budget Services

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Wondering “where does the money go?” Allow us to help you take control of your hard-earned cash! We will teach you easy to follow methods of budgeting and cash flow management that will give the real freedom that comes when you have “money in the bank!” Don’t lose another dime! Contact us today to get started!


Business Credit

Businesses need access to capital. Business owners need the freedom from having to use their personal credit to get it. Our state-of-the-art Business Suite brings the best of both worlds together. Get $50k, $200k or even MILLIONS of dollars in business credit without any owner personal guarantee! Call today for more information.


Consumer Credit Restoration

Credit restoration is absolutely possible but the best results can only be achieved by following the right steps.

  • Step one: Educate
    • Our initial consultation allows you to discover who we are, what we do and how it is we are able to help you before you make any commitments! .
  • Step two: Investigate
    • We engage all collection agencies, creditors and the “big 3” credit reporting agencies to ensure your credit file is 100% timely, accurate and verified!
  • Step 3: Elevate
    •  We not only help raise your credit scores, but we help lift the burdens that come with negative credit and so we elevate your spirit also!
  • Step 4: Celebrate
    •  When the journey begins, things may seem dark and bleak, but let not your heart be troubled! For we will indeed celebrate the restoration of your credit and finances! Call today for an appointment!



This exclusive program provides fundamental education and strategies to establish the proper foundation to build credit for the long term. It also provides great strategies to assist you with auto and home buying, plus so much more!


Identity Theft Shield

You hear about it every day. Personal information being breached and stolen from major financial institutions, insurance companies, medical facilities and even the Credit Reporting Agencies themselves! Why? To gain access to YOUR private information so that YOUR identity is used by a thief! The threat is real. The solution is also. Identity Theft Shield is the most comprehensive identity security available that not only secures your private information, but the private information of your entire family. For one low monthly rate, find the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected from this massive crime wave. Click on the link above or call us today for more information.


Legal Shield

The question isn’t “if” you will need an attorney. The question is “when”. And when you do, the cost could be enormous! Further, just like you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor to have your heart checked, with Legal Shield, you have access to licensed attorneys to deal with whatever legal issue you may face! Access for your entire family is less than $20 per month! To discover the full range of benefits, click the link above or call us for more information.




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